How It All Began: 

It all started when my husband, Simcha, came home and said “Let’s sell our house.” My initial reaction was “Why would we do that?” We have a great block, a nice community and I love our house. But then he said: “Lets sell our house to make aliyah this summer!”

I wanted to move to Israel as long as I can remember. Simcha and I spoke about it when we dated and it has come up many times over the 9 years we have been married. It was always a “maybe, someday” discussion. It was always an “if we find a job and a community and a . . .” discussion.  This time was different! This time we were thinking concretely about moving in the summer of 2018.

Ironically, we have been saving up credit card points to bring our family of six to Israel in the summer for a vacation. We wanted to show our kids the wonderful country and visit our family. Everything changed with that conversation. We were no longer planning a two week vacation; we were planning the rest of our lives.

We spoke about it non stop for the next couple of weeks. We started watching Nefesh B’Nefesh videos and reading books about the importance of moving to Israel. We began to feel more and more strongly that this was something we wanted and needed to do for our family. But could we really pull it off? The questions started coming. Can we find jobs in our fields? (I am an occupational therapist and my husband is a lawyer) Do we need to start new careers? Can we learn the language? How will our children learn the language and go to school in a new country? How can we pull them away from their friends? How are we going to feel leaving our wonderful community? And what about all the family we are leaving behind- when will we see them? We even started thinking about how we will continue to feed our 8 year old’s insatiable love for reading? What will we be able to or should bring on our lift? Are we even going to have a lift? Are we going to have a car? What type of tiny apartment will we live in? The questions and concerns were endless!

At the end of each worry session, I reminded myself that we are coming home! Israel is where we belong as a part of the Jewish Nation. Hashem has given us a gift of Eretz Yisrael and we would be foolish to turn our backs and reject it. Our mission in this world is to get closer to Hashem and what better place to do that than the holiest place on Earth?

So, here I am blogging about coming home. I want to share our experience as we take this huge step in our lives. Moving is super exciting and extremely terrifying. There is so much comfort we are leaving behind and so much unknown we are headed towards. Many have done it before us, and may will Iy"h do it after us. It is my hope that by blogging about our thoughts, feelings and experience throughout the process and sharing the information we gathered, it will make the process just the tiniest bit easier for those coming home after us.