10 Lift Tips


1. Ask about Shipping Liquids

The movers did not pack any of our liquid or aerosol items including cleaning supplies, extra grape juice bottles, liquor, and hair spray.

2. Consolidate

We had some extra plastic utensils in a box and the movers just placed the whole box in a larger box. It would have saved space to empty the extra forks into a small bag. We had some IKEA bookcases and storage cupboard that only had a few simple screws. We were able to un-assemble them to make the bookcases flat. We put all screws in a Ziplock bag and labeled it clearly.

3.Fill Plastic Containers

We packed some of our plastic containers with extra clothing and toys, but had a few empty ones. It would have been a better use of space to fill them prior to the movers coming. The packed containers were just sealed up and placed directly on the truck.

4. Clearly Divide Taking/Leaving Belongings

Make sure each room has specific demarcations of what you want to have shipped and what is being left behind. It helps to have all suitcases and boxes (of items staying with you) packed so that you can neatly place them in one corner of the room.

5. Check Your Car

 We left a few things in our car that we would have liked to ship. Make sure to check your trunk!

6. Buy Un-Assembled IKEA Furniture

 We bought two dressers and a closet from IKEA and did not assemble it. The boxes took up a very small amount of space on the truck.

7. Check Delivery Dates

 Buy things well in advance to make sure you get all your deliveries in time for the pick up date. We originally were advised to have new items shipped directly to the warehouse where our belongings are being stored prior to shipment. We then found out that we would have a $40 charge for each delivered item. We decided to rush our purchasing to make sure we had everything in time for moving day.

8. Pack Chargers For Everything

 Take inventory of all electronic devices and pack all chargers in a specific location.

9. Wear Sneakers

 There is a ton of walking around and no furniture left to sit on, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the moving day.

10. Keep Cleaning Supplies

Keep some cleaning supplies in your old home to assist with cleaning out after the movers leave. We had to borrow a broom, vacuum and paper towels to clean out our house once all the furniture was gone.