Aliyah Guide

If you want information about how to actually make aliyah, you have come to the right place. As I learn about the aliyah process, I will post my research here.


My Packing List

The big question is what to bring and what to buy when we get there. I have been working on a packing list to help us decide about the major items. This packing list is based on my personal research, as well as readers providing me with their advice and comments. Thank you to those who have shared their wisdom and experiences - keep it coming! I plan to update the list as I gain more information.


Lift Info

Shipping belongings in a lift overseas is the primary way to send possessions to Israel.  There are many companies and options for lifts.

kitchen aid.jpg

Step By Step

Exciting news: we decided to make aliyah! Here are the steps we took so far to make our dream a reality.  I will continue to add subsequent steps we take as we continue this amazing process. 


Transformers and Adapters

Since we decided to bring some of our electronics with us, we need to bring the proper transformers and adapters. Here is what I have learned about transfering our electronic products to Israel. 

Pre- Lift Shopping List

This is our shopping list of things we are buying to send on the lift. 


10 Lift Tips

When planning your lift pick up day, there are so many factors to consider. Here are some tips from our lift experience. 

Suitcase Packing List

Here is a list of things I am happy I packed in my suitcases and things I wish I had brought with me.