The Clock Keeps Ticking

It seems like the clock is moving really fast these days. Now that it is Spring (at least in theory), we have so many things to do. 

It is time to revamp our resumes and start applying to jobs. Up until this point, I have been working as an Occupational Therapist. My current resume reflects that work experience. I am now hoping to make a career change. My new resume has to highlight my transferable skills and demonstrate how I am qualified for new positions. 

It is time to start looking for apartments. We have reached out to some of the people we know in Ramot and are regularly checking for available housing. Obviously we can not find something too far in advance since we do not want to sign a lease until closer to our aliyah date. 

It is time to work on the girls' schools. Technically we need a tehudat zehut or a residential address to register our children for school. As new olim, we will not have either of these until very close to the school year. We contacted the Irya and they suggested we speak with the school directly. We are still working on reserving a spot for our daughter entering gan chova. I hope we can reserve a spot in a gan with some of the children she already knows and other English speakers.

It is time to clean out our house. I already compiled a packing list of the major items we are planning to send on our lift. But now it is more about the nitty gritty. Batteries: ship or give away? Old pictures: ship or trash? Which toys should we keep? Each and every item in our house has to be classified into one of five categories: Sending on our lift, packing in our suitcases, selling, giving away, or trash. This is quite a tedious task.  

It is time to start planning our aliyah yard sale. We have so many nice things that we are not planning to bring with us. We have to gather all of the items in our "selling" category and figure out prices. We need to choose a date, get a permit and publicize our sale. 

It is time to start planning our summer. Coordinating selling a house, lift pick ups, and aliyah dates is very tricky to say the least. Once we do sell our house, where are we going to live? How are we going to bring our 10 suitcases to wherever we are going to live? We are blessed to have amazing friends and family to house us and assist with all the complicated logistics, but it is still a lot to figure out!

It is time to order suitcases. We ordered an additional four suitcases that fit the El Al requirements bringing our suitcase total to 10. Being on the aliyah charter flight, each of us are entitled to 2 suitcases of 70 pounds each. Once our suitcases arrive, we will start packing our summer clothes and the belongings we plan to keep with us. That will allow us to start selling or throwing out dressers and preparing us for the lift pick-up day. 

This is it! This is crunch time! Our countdown is at 116 days. We have so much to do in that short amount of time.