Not Alone

We are so fortunate to have three siblings living in Israel. In some ways it makes the transition so much easier. We have people to call with questions and to spend holidays. We are so excited to live closer to our Israeli siblings and get to know their children better. They have truly paved the way for us and we are so grateful for all they have done and continue to do to help us through this process.

But, we are still leaving half of our family here. Not to mention our friends and comforts of our current lives. The family we have in Israel has been there for many years. They are well integrated into the israeli society. They speak fluent hebrew and work in Israeli jobs. There are so many aspects of this move that our Israeli family has not experienced. We are the first ones in our family to move children to a new country, bring over a whole household of furniture and belongings, and adapt our careers to fit a new job market. 

In many aspects we felt alone.

This past weekend we discovered a handful of old friends who are planning to make aliyah this summer just like us. I immediately re-connected with them and chatted about their plans and potential communities and jobs. One of our friends has a daughter the same age as our oldest. We decided that we should get the girls together a few times before our move and then again once we make the move. We hope having a friend in the same boat will help the girls feel like they were able to keep some of element of their past and have someone to talk to about their new lives. 

It was comforting to realize that we have friends going through the same experiences we are. When I heard that our friends also did not choose their communities or even go on their pilot trips yet, I felt reassured. We have friends making the same decisions and having the same concerns. We have people to bounce questions about lifts and compare notes about the communities we will visit. Who knows? We may even end up in the same community as some of them. It is nice to know that we are not alone on this journey.