Our House, Our Home

When we moved into our home five years ago, I thought it would be the place our kids grew up. I remember the first time we brought our girls to see the house, they were 3 and 2. They loved the pink, girly bathroom and had so much fun jumping off the small landing to our soon-to-be  living room. We walked outside to the fenced in backyard and I envisioned my kids running around, playing ball and swimming in a kiddie pool. I envisioned family barbeques on the patio and sukkot on the driveway.

It all happened!

Over the past five year we have shared so many amazing memories in this house. We have had birthday parties, new babies and many wonderful shabbat meals in this house. Our kids learned how to read, ride bikes and even walk here. When I look around, I see all the family projects we have done to make this house into a home. I look back on the teamwork and bonding we shared while raking leaves, painting walls, and laying carpet tiles (even though most of it was my husband). I clearly remember the day when my husband built shelves for our closet and painted them a bright pink color because it would be cheerful. Or, one erev Sukkot, when we realized we lost the screws to our sukkah and spent hours figuring out how to build it with what we could find in the hardware store.

This past week, we had two calls from potential buyers interested in seeing the house, our home. They want to envision their family growing up here. They want to make their own memories here. On one hand this news is very exciting, it gets us one step closer to moving to our home in Eretz Yisrael. But it also feels so quick and so final.  I am not really ready to say goodbye to the place we call home.

I know we are just leaving the physical house and we will bring all of our memories with us wherever we go. I look forward to making our new home into a place we can continue to grow and share good times together with friends and family. Having this knowledge does not make ending this chapter in our lives any easier. When I look around this house, I see our past and present. There is so much emotion attached to each space. It is strange to realize that our future will not be in this house and we will soon be calling a new house our home.