My First Goodbye

"Just fill out this envelope and sit down" were the directions given to me by the lady behind the desk. I froze. I knew what it was for. I was supposed to self address an envelope so my doctor could remind me to make my annual check up next year. The thoughts came streaming in. Should I fill it out? Will we get our mail forwarded to Israel? Of course not! Why do I need a reminder, I won't be here to come to the appointment?  But should I go through the whole saga with the nice lady behind the counter? I just stood there like a deer in headlights when my doctor looked at me and said: "this usually is not difficult, are you going somewhere?"

This was my first goodbye. I have been through a lot with this doctor. She has helped me through three deliveries and some tough decisions and now, I was explaining that this will be my last visit. My doctor was kind and supportive of our move. She said that maybe she will see us when she visits Jerusalem. I had my check up. We discussed how I can get my medical records to take with me. And that was that, I left the office. My first of many goodbyes.

I guess I was not really expecting it. I was just thinking about going in for my yearly check up. And then it hit me, next year at this time, my life will look drastically different. When we thought about aliyah I realized I would need new doctors, but saying goodbye was not easy.

(By the way, if anyone in northern New Jersey is looking for an excellent OB/GYN, feel free to message me for her contact info. I highly recommend her.)

Our countdown is at 126 days. That is not a lot of time at all! I can not even imagine the next few months of goodbyes. It is going to be tough!