The Countdown Begins

We have an Aliyah date: August 14th! 214 days! Nefesh B’Nefesh scheduled the charter flights and we requested the August one. We have a real date, a deadline to finish packing, choose a community, and say goodbye to this chapter in our lives. We have a day circled on our calendar. It is not just summer 2018 anymore, it is August 14th, 2018!!!

Having this in mind makes this dream closer to a reality. I have to say, having more of reality also means more nerves. Are we really going to be able to find jobs and support our family with this new life? Honestly, many people have asked me what we are going to do for work when we get to Israel. I give my standard answer- ‘I am an OT, so eventually I can take the exam and work in the schools. I probably will end up working in an English speaking gan or school. In the meantime, I am hoping to find some work from home position to ease the transition. My husband is a lawyer, so he can transfer that career. But, he is really open to anything.’ The answer seems to satisfy their curiosity and we can move on to other topics.

But, the truth is we have no clue. How can we actually know what jobs we will find when we get there? We are not there yet! We hope we can find careers that allow for family time, a good work/family balance and enough money to live comfortably. We hope we can find meaningful jobs that we enjoy. Obviously, it would be amazing to find jobs before we move or transition the jobs we have. There is no question that it would ease our minds to know what our budget will be and where we will be working. Or even when/if we will find jobs.

Moving without jobs is a true test of our trust in Hashem. I feel that if Hashem provides us with a parnasa in America, He will surely provide for us when we move closer to Him. We have to network, update resumes, build our skill sets and apply to as many jobs as we can. We have to do our part and the rest is up to Hashem. But, with or without jobs, August 14th is set in our calendars. Israel, here we come! Let the countdown begin!