T minus 24 days

I would have thought with only 3 1/2 weeks left until our flight, I would be breathing aliyah prep. In reality, things are oddly calm. There are days that go by that I do nothing for our aliyah. I feel guilty even admitting that. How can we be ready? There is just so much to do and take care of before we leave. 

As it has been the nine days, our shopping has been put on pause. Although, thankfully we are almost finished what seemed to be an endless list. Many of our suitcases are packed and sitting in Fort Lee waiting to be transported to the airport on the day of the flight. The things we need for the next three weeks are with us in Baltimore and will be packed on Sunday in preparation for our last hurrah in America- our road trip down to Florida. 

Our lift has been in storage for almost two months and should be IYH shipped next week. And our last set of paperwork arrived in the mail. We have our visas in hand and are ready to board our flight. 

We are applying for jobs as much as possible and looking into appliances for our new home. We have a few items left to purchase after tisha baav and then we will be ready. On second thought, I don't think I can ever be ready for the move we are about to make. I can not even envision our new lives. When I try, I just see a blank screen.

Yesterday, my daughter asked me about her bedtime in Israel. I tried to explain how unknown our lives are right now. I don't know what time school starts, if we will have a car to get to school, how long the walk will take, and what we need to get accomplished in the morning before school begins. Without knowing what time we have to wake up, how can we discuss what time we will be going to sleep. Everything will be different. 

Our countdown is down to 24 days! The next few weeks will be spent taking our kids on an American adventure down to Florida and then back up to Baltimore, Fort Lee and finally to JFK airport. Beezrat Hashem we have 25 days until we land in Eretz Yisrael and start our new lives!