Day One of Our Roadtrip- Still Smiling

Bli ayin hara we have four sleeping kids in our hotel room in Charlotte, North Carolina. Day one of our road trip was a real success.

We started off our day with a breakfast of champions- donuts for the kids and a iced latte for me. Then we hit the road. We listened to some music as the three weeks are finally over, played a fun car game called Scavenger Hunt, and listened to a book on CD. After about two hours, we were ready for a rest stop and some gas. We stretched our legs and treated the kids to a vending machine snack.

We hit some traffic on our next leg of the trip, but made it to Roanoke just as we finished listening to the first portion of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on CD. The kids were enjoying the book and my husband and I were having fun reminiscing about the classic story as well.

Roanoke, Virginia was a great stop! There was easy parking on the street right across the street from the Science Museum of Western Virginia. We are members of the Liberty Science Center, so we were able to obtain admission to this museum for free. The bathrooms were clean and the museum was a perfect size for our 1 1/2 hour break. It had two small floors and lots of fun exhibits like a touch tank, old school video arcade games, and some other cute activities for the girls. There was an area with gigantic legos and another area with large foam shapes that was a perfect spot for our baby to crawl and play.

After we all had fun, we hopped back in the car and headed to our final destination, Charlotte, North Carolina. We hit some heavy rain, and made an extra rest stop to feed the baby dinner, but we made it to the hotel. We all showered, and are now settling into bed. All in all a wonderful first day. Next Stop: Savannah, Georgia.