Day Two- Seeing Savannah

This morning we packed up our belongings and headed to the car. Our goal was to make it to Savannah, Georgia with enough time to explore the city and take a swim in the hotel pool. The ride was less than four hours which seemed like a breeze compared to yesterday. We stopped once for gas and another for a restroom/ stretch break. 

While we drove, I called an appliance store in Israel and spoke with a nice salesman about all the appliances we are planning to purchase within the next month. I provided our measurements and what we were looking for, and he sent me a whatsapp with pictures of his recommended appliances. Although the salesman spoke English, it was still hard to understand through his accent. The conversation made me a little nervous about our forthcoming lives in a new country. 

After we checked into to a our new hotel and got settled in, we took a walk to the water front near our hotel. The area is filled with cute restaurants and souvenir shops. We enjoyed walking along the water, seeing the boats and experiencing a new city. It was very hot and humid, so we stopped for some ice cream on our way back to the hotel. 

A quick change into bathing suits, and we were off to the pool. The kids had fun swimming and cooling off, although it did start drizzling a few minutes into our swim. Dinner, showers and bed as usual. Tomorrow we plan to drive all the way to our final destination.