Our Biggest Challenge To Date

With 8 days until our flight, things are really coming into place.  I am so grateful that our plans have been going smoothly until this point. There have been so many details that have come together in order for us to be here, but we found out last week that our lift was not put on the proper ship. We hit our first big obstacle with our move.

Our shipping container was left in storage for an extra week and not transferred onto the steamship as planned. It was put on the next boat. Additionally, the steamship company postponed the ship date and lengthened the trip so it's arrival will be two weeks later than we had originally planned. 

We had discussed having our lift arrive the day before we landed. We planned to rush to the port the day of our flight (if we had enough energy) and get the customs documents started. We figured we could have our belongings with us less than a week after our landing. That would have been perfect. 

Instead, it will be two weeks before the boat is to arrive in Ashdod. After that, we will have to go through customs and schedule a delivery. It will be that much longer on air mattresses and living out of suitcases. 

My sister and sister-in-law have been absolutely amazing. They arranged that we have a folding table and chairs, pack and play, and an extra mattress for when we arrive. I can not thank them enough for all their support! 

We are disappointed in the moving company and lift company for not putting our belonging onto the ship that we had planned. We know that this situation is all for the best and Hashem is orchestrating the whole situation. We will get our belongings if and when we are supposed to. We are trying to take this obstacle in stride and realize that even without our furniture, we are going to be home, with Hashem's help in 9 short nights!