Missing Bus Card

I just have to share this story. Last Thursday, we had a very windy and rainy morning. Instead of our normal walk home from school drop offs, I decided we should take the bus. The wind was just too strong and it was quite chilly out. As we waited at the bus stop, an older man joined us. He picked up a bus card with a boy’s name and picture on it. He asked the other people at the stop if it belonged to them, and everyone said no. He concluded someone must have dropped it, and placed it on the bench in the bus stop. At this point, I thought nothing of the incident and went about my business. A few more girls joined us to wait for the bus. I noticed that the older man was now braving the wind and looking all around the bus stop. He was leaning over a railing that led to a steep hill behind us. Another man came over to check to see if this man was alright. He responded that the bus card he found was missing and it must have flown away. As the two men continued their search, one of the girls that was sitting on the bench pulled out a piece of her notebook paper and started writing a note. Apparently, the bus card was not missing, she had seen it, and immediately started to write an “hashavat aveida notice”. By this point, the girl sitting next to the one with the note realized what was going on and clarified to the man that the bus card did not fly over to the hill. He put in his two cents about what should be written on the notice. They asked a third person for some tape, and then our bus came.

I boarded the bus, a little wet and chilly, but I was smiling. We live in such an amazing place. I thought the man was being nice just to confirm that no one in the bus stop lost the card. But really he wanted to make sure the owner found it. He was actually worried that it flew away and was searching high and low to find it. And another stranger was also simultaneously working on returning the same lost item. Really incredible!

Another interesting thing of note this week was more of an olah lesson than anything else. My second grade daughter has been doing her math homework whenever we knew about it for the whole year. She has been doing well on the quizzes and I thought we were staying on top of the work. This week she came home with one of her math workbooks (they have four to complete this year). She had a list of about 50 pages that she needed to complete. She said that the teacher checked everyone’s book to make sure it was all done, and these are the pages she still needs to do. It was a ton of work. I called the teacher to confirm and she said that yes, my daughter did not complete the book because she misses math sometimes for ulpan and other times the teacher is not able to take the time to explain the directions to my daughter in a one on one manner. We had spoken about these two issues before, and I mentioned that I would fill in whatever math she misses in class. But, having it all at once seemed difficult especially since new math work was given out each day. The teacher agreed that we did not have to complete the whole book since my daughter understood the math concepts.

Now I know to check the whatsapp group each day for the math pages that were completed during class. We check the new workbook to make sure we are up to date. I guess I did not realize they do EVERY page in the books.. I also would have expected the teacher to check more regularly that my daughter was staying up to date with the assignments. I learned that it is really up to us to make sure we have the work completed. When the next workbook is checked, I hope we will be more prepared.

The rest of my week was spent researching daycare options for my son for next year.I visited four separate places. Each has it’s pros and cons. Location, cost, Hebrew or English speaking, size of the gan, play space and so on. Some are already filling up so we have a lot to think about.