Six Months

Our six month mark passed without a notice. It is hard to believe we have been living in Israel for half a year. So much of our lives have become familiar and routine. We have grown so accustomed to our new reality, that it almost feels like we have been here for longer than six months. Then again it also feels like we just got here.

This week was an emotional one for me. Back in Passaic, our girls old school had their annual Mother Daughter Brunch. Obviously, we were not there. Our friends lovingly sent us videos of the performances. As I sat with my daughters as they poured over every second of the song and dance and fondly pointed out their friends and old classmates, tears came to my eyes. I missed our old home. I missed all my friends sitting in the audience watching their daughters perform that morning.I was sad to have not been there with them with camera in hand taking my own video. I was sad for my daughters that they were not up their on the stage with all their friends from America. I know how much they miss their old classmates and sweet friends. We have been able to keep in touch with a few of their friends, but it is impossible to do that with everyone we left behind. We missed them. We miss our old lives.

Monday night we had a special night of our own here in Ramot. Our new school made a special program just for the new olim families in the school. Instead of performing with thirty girls, there were just four. Our children prepared small speeches and danced to the song Yisrael Sheli. They wore blue and white and used big Israeli flags as props. It was an adorable show. The main purpose of the night was to give us, the new olim, a chance to communicate how our transition has been going thus far and what the school can continue to help us with. It was a really thoughtful and touching idea. So, after the performance was over, the children were escorted to another room to make a project and eat some dessert, while we were given the opportunity to meet with the principal, guidance counselor, and representatives from the city and department of education. They asked us what we liked about the school and what they can do better to assist us in making this aliyah as successful as possible. Just the mere fact that five people spent their evening sitting around a circle and genuinely listening to our concerns was so moving to me. I felt really cared for. I hope some of our suggestions will come to fruition. One thing was clear to me, we were surrounded by people that genuinely wanted to help us and our children. Despite all the challenges we spoke about that night, our new lives were looking pretty good.

Purim is right around the corner. To me, once Purim comes, it usually signals the end of the school year is approaching fast. In fact, we only have 117 days left until our cake party. I can not believe how fast the year is going. With all the hardships and obstacles of the first year of aliyah we are plowing ahead. It has been an amazing and challenging six months. I can not wait to see how we feel after the school year is over. 117 days is not a lot at all.. I guess it is almost time to start baking.