Transformers and Adapters:

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Electronics run on 110/120V in the US and 220V in Europe (including Israel). When bringing products from the US, a transformer is needed to change the voltage from 220V down to 120V. This is called a STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER. (When going from Europe to the US, one would use a step up transformer).

There are many sizes of transformers available. In order to determine which size you need, you must check the labels of the specific products you are planning to use.  For example, I checked my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and my Cuisinart Food Processor. 

My Kitchen Aid label said Maximum Watts:575. Which means that I need a transformer larger than 575Watts. However, some people recommend getting double the necessary wattage for appliances with motors as they may need extra watts to turn on. 

My Food Processor did not have a maximum watts on the label. Instead it said 5.2 Amps. In order to figure out the watts, multiply the Amps by the Voltage. So, for my example: 5.2 Amps x 120 V = 624 Watts. 

Based on this information, a 1000 Watt Transformer will be sufficient. 

It turns out that our sandwich maker uses 1400 Watts. We decided to try and sell/give away our sandwich maker instead of buying a larger transformer just for this appliance. 

Adapters can be used to change the size of the plug to fit into the wall outlet. These can only be used for products that can be switched from 120V to 220V. Many phones, computers and hair dryers can be used in both. Just make sure to switch the dial to 220V before turning it on (if that is necessary for the product).  For example, my hairdryer has a switch and can be used with an adapter in Israel.