Suitcase Packing List


Here are the things I brought or wish I had packed in my suitcase:

1. Kitchen Stuff

I brought a small frying pan and pot along with a spatula and spoon. It may be helpful to bring a peeler and knife for vegetables. 

2.  Shower Curtain

 We packed ours in our lift, but did not anticipate how we would need one immediately upon arrival. 

3. Towels

For everyone and some hand towels for kitchen and bathrooms. 

4. Blow-Up Mattresses

 We packed enough for each of us along with bedding. 

5. Small Transformer

We should have anticipated that we would need a small transformer right away. We bought a large one for kitchen appliances and sent that on our lift, but a small one would have been helpful to plug in a pump to blow up our mattresses.

6. Pillows

We packed one pillow per family member in Ziploc space saver bags. The space savers were a great way to fit more in and maximize our weight allowances in our suitcases. We used them for most of our bedding, towels, pillows, and clothing.

7. Toys and activities

Between the flight, airport, many offices we have been dragging our kids to, and the time spent in our unfurnished home, I am so glad we brought many games and activities to keep the children occupied. 

8. Battery operated clock for the bedrooms

9. Small plastic storage containers

With medications and toiletries. These plastic containers helped us find and store our everyday needs in an easy to pull out, easy to set up on the bathroom counter, and easy to store-back-in-a-suitcase kind of way. 

10. Basic Office Supplies and Tools

Including scissors, tape, pens, pads of paper, a tape measure, and flat head and phillips screw drivers or a pocket knife/leatherman.

11. Ziploc Bags

I packed only sandwich sized, but I really would have been better off with gallons as well. 

12. Clorox Wipes

 We had a pack left over from our roadtrip, and I am so glad we did. They were available to wipe down sinks and bathtubs when we first arrived. 

13. A Phone Cord

We bought an Israeli phone to use with our voip device, but we did not have a two ended American phone cord. We should have brought one from America, as the Israeli phone we bought came with a cord that fits European phone jacks. 

14. Coffee Mate

 I did not realize that Israeli's do not use coffee creamer. I wish I had brought some until I get more acclimated to the coffee here.